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Ceramic Coating
Ceramic Coating

Not to be mistaken for the Ceramic Coating meant for automotive waxes and paint protectant solvents. Real Ceramic Coating is used primarily for items that require high heat resistance. A good example would be a set of V8 Longtube Headers which require a paint that can withstand temperatures up to 1800 degrees. Ceramic Coating has been around for a long time and the best and most popular application for it is Cerakote. Now that more people refer to ceramic coating as a paint protectant the old term of “Ceramic Coating” is being called “Cerakoting” just so there’s no confusion within the terms and their application. However, most coaters (like us) still refer to it as Ceramic Coating when we are refinishing exhaust components.

Ceramic coating is a completely different process than powder coating and although many of the ceramic coating products require oven bake at very high temperatures the application is done by means of using an automotive paint gun since ceramic coat is a liquid, not powder. When applied properly, ceramic coating is extremely thin but very strong and scratch resistant when comparing to normal paint. However, it is a very expensive product as well due to its advanced technology, strength, and heat resistance. It is the perfect product for all exhaust components for your car or motorcycle.

Proper Break-in Procedures after an exhaust component has been ceramic coated:

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